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special projects

"Growing Faaborg" "Faaborg dyrkeren"
Wallpainting with 3D
Faaborg, Danmark

Mural, Enghaveskolen
Faaborg, Danmark

Mural on a electric box.
This mural is a picture to the 4th of the 17 goals of the UN, "Quality education for everyone".
The books symbolize education and knowledge.
The girl has her old fashioned look because in conservative countries girls don't have access to education. Her knowledge and consciousness are growing the more books she gets to lay on There are 24 books because there are 24 vertebrae in a spine. They represent an extra spine.
Small brains are a part of the flower pattern.
10 artists made 17 pictures as part of a project "STOP RØDT LYS!" in Svendborg, Danmark

Mural near a supermarket
Ringe, Danmark

"Waiting men"
Wallpainting near a supermarket
Ringe, Danmark

Large wallposters for Arwos, watersupplyfirm
Aabenraa, Danmark

Dekorated doors at the artbook department.
Ringe Bibliotek

Dance performance inspired by my paintings
Dance created by sART Danseteater

Paintings decorating the library in Faaborg
Faaborg-midtfyn bibliotek